"... Estrada’s roots run deep, but it seems like the rivers of his “old soul” have been mixing it up with the likes of Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Sam Cooke as is evident in Estrada’s latest songwriting journey with songs like “Mississippi Delta” and “Home”. Estrada and band are able to transport us to another musical place like a brotherhood of gypsy players both mesmerizing and ear catching all at a toe tapping pace like only Estrada’s “Country Boy” can do!


FM Granados
FMG Entertainment



"Billy Estrada is one of the most popular performers I've featured on Songwriters At Play.  He and his bandmate(s) always put on a great show.  Billy is a soulful song stylist, from spiritual ballads to growling rockers.  I'm pleased to recommend him to you, but don't book him too much, because I need him to keep playing my shows!"


Steve Key
Host, Songwriters At Play, Weekly Radio Shows on The Krush 92.5FM



"Billy Estrada [and his band] knows how to light up a stage. Those blues just keep on coming! But wait, there's more. Not just blues, the band knows how to blend well too with hints of funk, rock, and fun loving Americana! If you haven't heard them...get to a show. If you need great music get them to your show!"


Lyne Hamel
S l o  Down Pub/ Entertainment



"Billy combines the vocals of Ray Charles with the guitar of B. B. King, while throwing in some healthy doses of blues harp and slide. Yet Billy is more than a band-fronting bluesman, bridging American music from Gospel and Blues to Country and Rock. Whether as a songwriter or a performer, Billy strives for authenticity, knowing that listeners can hear the truth."


T.T Willett
Bassist, Soul Reaction